PWA (Progressive Web Application)

Posted by admin on December 09, 2018 now supports PWA !

We are so excited to inform you that now supports offline first PWA methods.

So what is a PWA.

PWA can be described with these facts,

  1. the app can load on offline/flaky connections
  2. the page load performance is fast
  3. the site is progressively enhanced
  4. the network connection is secure
  5. users can be prompted to Add to Home screen
  6. the installed web app will launch with a custom splash screen
  7. the address bar matches brand colours and
  8. the design is mobile friendly.

How can I use ChordSL as a PWA?


It is easier than you thought

  1. Go to
  2. click the add chordsl to home screen button
  3. wait till the application to complete download
  4. then you can use it as a normal application.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding the site please contact us from the contacts section on the site. Until our next meet please share this with your friends and show us some love. ❤️

OpenSL team