Posted by admin on November 15, 2018

ChordSL.com is here!

Chordsl.com is an online application to find your favourite Sri Lankan guitar chords. You can search from song names, artists names even from a fraction from a song.

Chordsl.com is,

  1. Highly optimized for mobile performance and web performance.
  2. Heavily focusing on the purpose of the site (which is presenting guitar chords)
  3. Will give you chords transposing feature build from scratch
  4. Will give you different experience based on the device you visit our site

In addition to that, we are making our code artefacts open. If you are a developer you can help us to improve the site by contributing to these repos in Github.

  1. Chords-Transposer-Chords Transposer and raw string parse into chords and lyrics
  2. Simple-Jekyll-Search(forked version)-A JavaScript library to add search functionality to any Jekyll blog

So what are our future plans?

  1. We are working on a solution to make Singlish into Sinhala and vice-versa method.
  2. Making our site more mobile friendly
  3. Most importantly we will make all the chords and songs open to everyone (very soon since still we are in the middle of the parsing processing)

If you are willing to help us,

As a musician, and want to update or add more songs to our collection, Contact us from the site or find details from our FB page

As a Developer, you can find our Github organization as Open-SL

Finally, if you have any questions regarding the site please contact us from the contacts tab on the site. Until our next meet please share this with your friends and show us some love. ❤️

OpenSL team